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Other Cleaning

Make Your Space Clean Again

Have us lend a hand for all of your cleaning needs and take some of the weight off of your shoulders. At Xtreme Wonder Clean, we handle various commercial and office cleaning projects alongside our residential customers. For those that need move-in and out cleaning services alongside our residential services, these are also covered by our team's range of skills. Make cleaning up your home or place of business easier with our team in Williston, Florida.

Commercial Service

We work alongside you to come up with an ideal solution for your cleaning needs, offering competitive pricing and pricing match options. Our team is more than capable of handling anything from office businesses that have little to no traffic all the way to high traffic areas that need specialized procedures to get the job done. You get to customize your cleaning package on how detailed you want the cleaning to be, and we match it with our high-quality and detail-oriented services. From the bathroom to the lobby, we can handle whatever you throw at us.

Move-In/Move-Out Services

By keeping your home clear, you make your property presentable for any new prospective residents, your landlord, or management companies. These move-out cleaning services are completed after all of the furniture has been moved out or right before someone moves into a property. For our move-in and move-out services, cleaning of the stove and fridge is included and not considered extra, as they are a part of the residential property. Please contact us for a quote for further information. We are always willing to negotiate a price as well as match prices to other service providers.

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